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Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, allows debtors to discharge most, if not all of their unsecured debts, including credit card balances, personal loans, certain taxes, repossession deficiencies, and medical bills. This debt relief option liquidates unsecured debts while allowing debtors to protect their property. Essentially, the bankruptcy trustee will collect, sell, and distribute the profits from all non-exempt assets amongst creditors.

There are numerous benefits to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To list a few, this process is more efficient than Chapter 13 bankruptcy as it generally takes just over 3 months to complete. Unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a 3-to-5 years process involving debtors making monthly payments to their bankruptcy trustees, this process can be completed in a very timely manner. In addition, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will give you the ability to quickly rid yourself of debt and allow you to get back on track and begin rebuilding your finances right away.

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