Blog Posts in 2021

  • When Should I Make Updates to My Estate Plan?

    || 9-Feb-2021

    If you have an estate plan, it is important to keep it updated whenever your life undergoes significant changes, such as a marriage, the death of a spouse, or the birth of a child. Life never remains the same, so your estate plan must evolve with it to ensure it always accurately represents your needs and goals. Updating Your Estate Plan There are several moments in life when one may have to ...
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  • 5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes

    || 4-Feb-2021

    When it comes to estate planning, ignorance is anything but bliss. Lots of people are probably familiar with estate planning as a concept, but do they understand just how important it is and do they even have plans of their own in place? If you can’t confidently answer basic questions like these, you’re at risk of making a common estate planning mistake – or may have already done ...
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