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Divorces are becoming more commonplace each year. With divorce can come disputes over custody of a child or children. Where legal custody refers to the right to make important decision for the child, physical custody is independent and refers to which parent the child spends their time with. If you are involved in a child custody battle, a Santa Maria divorce attorney from our firm can advise you the entire time and protect your interests in court.

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What is a visitation schedule?

Physical custody is essentially where the child will live, or more appropriately, who they will live with. The details are usually laid out in a visitation schedule which details the custody and visitation arrangements that the parents agree to. A schedule becomes biding and enforceable once the court signs it.

Some things to consider when writing a schedule include:

  • Where your child will be during weekends and weekdays
  • Where your child will be on holidays and special occasions
  • Who your child stays with during summer vacation
  • Times when either parent can take the child on vacation

If the child lives primarily with one parent, this parent is known as the “custodial” or “resident” parent while the other parent has the visitation rights.

Skilled Representation for Our Custody Dispute

Physical custody breaks down into sole or joint based on how equitable the time both parents have the child live with them is. While court generally try to maintain the child’s relationship with both parents, they can award sole custody to a parent if the other parent is in any way abusive or it does not serve the child’s best interests to award joint custody. In some cases all visits with one parent can be supervised by an appropriate third party.

When you are facing a custody dispute, call a San Luis Obispo divorce attorney to provide you with the impartial, third-party advice you need to make the right choices. The Law Offices of R. Morgan Holland, L.C. has been helping clients resolve disputes for years and can make the difference for your custody case.

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